How to do Article Marketing & Guest Blogging after recent Google Link Schemes Document Update

[text_box title="" text="" margined="yes"]Google has recently updated its Link Schemes Document in Google Webmasters guidelines and has incorporated Article Marketing & Guest Blogging with Optimised Anchor Text as an example of Link Schemes.[/text_box]

What it means?

It means that from now on officially any Article Marketing & Guest Blogging with “Optimised Anchor Text’ is considered as Link Scheme which may lead to penalties by Google. I am of the opinion that this is only a afterthought by Google. Google was already considering Article Marketing as spam and Matt Cutts has said on various videos as well as in seminars that Article Marketing does not add any value. This can also be seen with the downgrading of various Article Directories in the SERPs.

Guest Blogging is also not a surprise, Matt Cutts i.e. Google Spam Team Head, has on various occasions said that Spammy Guest Blogging is not welcome and Guest Blogging for links is going to get your website penalised.

Now, I do not believe everything that Mr. Matt Cutts says or what Google is saying but once that say that they are going to go after certain tactics, they do it pretty hard, even to the extent of loosing some good White Hat sites like the WPMU fiasco of Penguin update or the Hue and Cry when Panda was unleashed. So, if you have not heard the warning bells before, now its in black and white so stop linking to your Money Websites from Article Directories or Guest Blogging.

Would Article Marketing & Guest Blogging die now?


Many people will stop using Article Marketing & Guest Blogging now thinking that this is the end of SEO. That is even good for people like us who know how to use Article Directories & Guest Blogging now for good SEO effect without getting that dreaded penalty. This is the effects of the changes which we are likely to witness in both these fields

Article Directories

People will stop using them altogether from the fear of Google Penalties and moderators at the Article Directories will become hawkish leading to increase in quality articles at the directories. This will also reduce the number of submissions and reduce competition for people like us.

Guest Blogging

The Blog Owners are going to face a hard landing, they will not get the same premium on posts as they were demanding before this change. Also, Google may reduce the overall weight-age of Guest Blogging links. People will stop doing Guest Blogging altogether if they are doing for link building.

So How to use Article Directories and Guest Blogging Now?

That is the burning question. Well its all common sense. Google algorithm classifies sites based on various criteria which is the core of Google Algorithm and has not changed since Google started. What has changed is the finesse with which Google now implements the criteria. All google updates be it Farmer, Panda, Penguin etc. are based on the same criteria to bring the user the best relevant search results. So if you follow the criteria and do not spam then you are good to go. Even WPMU was penalised due to existing footer links in their themes which is against Google TOS.

Lets come to the moot point. How to use these techniques for SEO Now?

I am providing below my strategy to use Article Marketing & Guest Blogging. This is the most common sense use without leading to future penalties and increasing your website authority. This strategy will help in increasing your Authority, Website Authority, Branding etc. Google is nowadays very conscious of brands, mentions and authority.

[checklist type="checked"]

  • Submit Articles to only High Quality Top Article Directories with PR > 1
  • Link to only your Google+ Profile or Facebook Page or Twitter Profile (I prefer Google+ Profile)
  • Make sure your Google+ Profile or Facebook Page or Twitter Profile has a link to your website
  • Use Unoptimised Anchor Text like Your Name, Company Name, “Google+ Profile”, Find me here etc.
  • Don’t use spammy articles
  • Submit the Article links your your Social Media Accounts



How this strategy will benefit me?

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  • Increase Author Authority: Google is now highly sold to Authorship, so getting your Personal Profile will increase its overall authority and if you link to any other website thereafter you get an increased ranking automatically
  • Increase Branding: This strategy will increase your branding as Google will see that you are branding all your Social Media Accounts and caring for the same.
  • Save from Penalties: Since you are using Social Medial accounts and not linking to your website directly, your money site will not get penalised even if in rare of rarest case your Social Media profile is slapped (I have not heard of any such thing). Also, in case your Social Media account is penalised just stop linking from it.
  • Common Sense: Author Box on Article Directories & Guest Blogging is to give information about the author and where to find them and linking to your social media accounts is common sense thing to do



Optimised Anchor Text

Optimised Anchor Text is using one or more keywords mainly in links coming to your website for e.g. if you are trying to rank for “blue widgets” and your landing page is optimised for “Blue Widgets” and you are also getting most of the links from “Blue Widgets” or related terms like “Blue Widgets Online”, “Blue Widgets for Sale” etc. then your website would be considered as having “Optimised Anchor Text” for your keyword “Blue Widgets”. This will in most cases attract Google Penguin Penalty.